Elevating Our PR Campaigns Through Influencer Marketing

Elevating Our PR Campaigns Through Influencer Marketing

January, 27 2021

There’s so much chatter these days about social influencers. But, what is an ‘influencer’ and what do they do?

According to COMMPRO an influencer is someone who influences others’ buying decisions. In other words, it’s someone with authority over or trust of, a certain group of people. In marketing, there is a direct correlation between the social influencer and specific consumer buying decisions and actions.

In recent years, companies, agencies and brands have been using influencers to create a direct connection with their target audience. At Noisy Trumpet, we utilize influencers to promote client events, exhibitions, and raise awareness about particular initiatives.

When it comes to influencers, it’s important to keep in mind that not all individuals are an appropriate fit for all campaigns. As a result, our public relations team takes the time to research and curate a well-curated database of individuals for each of our clients, in order to execute a successful PR campaign. Due to the nature of the influencer’s followers, the content they share is strongly regarded as authentic, therefore motivating their audience to support the particular initiative or campaign as well.

Some examples of our most recent influencer marketing events and initiatives include:

  • San Antonio Botanical Garden: In order to draw further awareness of the Garden’s OrigamiintheGarden2 exhibition, Noisy Trumpet produced a private “sneak peek” event for a select few social influencers to visit and cross-promote the exhibition. The influencers were strategically chosen based on their social content and audience, enabling the agency to reach the niche audiences of Gen X, Millennials, and families interested in the arts. The invite-only event featured light bites, drinks and a cocktail demonstration in theme with the exhibition while allowing the influencers to explore the garden. Influencers were then encouraged to share photos and videos from the event on their social feeds utilizing the appropriate hashtag. The promotional efforts provided by social influencers, in addition to the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s morning show appearances, resulted in 24 hits (broadcast and online) garnering 3,716,489 total impressions.
  • San Antonio Museum of Art: In an effort to promote the “Texas Women” exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art, our PR team compiled a list of colleges/universities, local artists/organizations/groups, apartment complexes, and corporations to invite to the exhibition. Our team thought outside of the box, and incorporated strategic partnerships in our outreach efforts in addition to individuals. By offering this select group a discount code for the exhibition, we invited them to visit the museum and share photos and videos on their social feeds. In the timespan of one month, around 32k followers were reached and over 10k email subscribers joined the mailing list.
  • Mission Ridge Range and Academy: To raise awareness for Mission Ridge Range and Academy during the holiday season, our PR team helped position the company as an industry leader for gun safety, products and as the premier shooting range in San Antonio. This was accomplished by coordinating and promoting a private influencer event as well as a holiday-themed event for the general public where gun safety kits were distributed to the first 500 attendees. First, the agency hosted an invite-only influencer ‘Friendsgiving’ event at the gun range with food, drinks, and offered a hands-on range time demonstration for the attendees. Influencers were then asked to share their experiences on their social feeds and encourage followers to participate in the public Holiday Gun Safety Kit Giveaway that took place in December. Overall, we secured (11) influencers which resulted in over 332k impressions. As a result of our efforts, Mission Ridge Range & Academy exceeded their attendance expectations for their public event, distributed all gun safety kits allotted for the event, and reached a new client-base that had not previously engaged with the brand, products, or range.

At Noisy Trumpet, we are staying on top of the latest social trends and strategically utilize our resources to help drive measurable results for our clients. Is your business or brand looking to grow your visibility across social channels? Contact us today. We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, and DM away!

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