A Time to Give, Amidst A Historic Week of Weather

A Time to Give, Amidst A Historic Week of Weather

February, 25 2021

San Antonio typically boasts 300 days of sunshine each year. Texans are much more familiar with heatwave advisories than winter storms. That all changed last week when two winter storms took the entire state by surprise, and their impact has left residents in disarray.

The storms began peacefully as Texans were in awe of the snowy landscape. Many took the time to enjoy one of the rare instances in weather history where nearly the entire state was blanketed with snow.

The winter storms moved in and out over the week, leaving thousands of residents without power and water. The city shut down inspired a sense of community both locally and nationwide for those who needed assistance.

Events such as these – although not ideal – often result in an outpouring of generosity from individuals, corporations, and charities. At Noisy Trumpet, the well-being of our employees, and those in our community are our top priority. We are mindful that last week’s storms impacted individuals in different ways, so we wanted to offer a list of resources to assist those in need, and those looking for ways to assist their neighbors.


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