Online Auctions and Raffles

Online Auctions and Raffles

Online Auctions and Raffles

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In March 2020, our clients, San Antonio Sports and SA YES, were finalizing preparations for each of their organization’s largest annual fundraising initiatives of the year. As COVID-19 put a pause on in-person events, they were both forced to postpone their events and adjust to the changing marketplace by adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The 2020 San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame Tribute was canceled due to the pandemic. This event typically attracts over 1,000 attendees and secures more than $400,000 worth of auction items. SA YES’ 2020 Taste of Education Dinner and SA YES Golf Classic were also canceled. These events typically include three days of fundraising with over 500 in attendance and raises over $300,000.

Both nonprofits depend on donations raised at their annual events to support their operating budget and mission for the rest of the year. It was critical to help them raise money to reach their goals and ensure they could still serve their target audiences.


Noisy Trumpet worked closely with San Antonio Sports and SA YES to help raise money by promoting their online auctions that would have otherwise taken place at their annual fundraisers. Both clients successfully transitioned hundreds of auction items onto an online platform. These items included sports collectibles, gift cards, travel packages, and more. In order to promote the auction and drive bids, Noisy Trumpet developed and launched social media ads featuring auction items, while targeting past event attendees and donors. We were able to quickly pivot to continue to support our client’s needs.


San Antonio Sports and SA YES were the first of many nonprofit clients Noisy Trumpet was able to help navigate the new online fundraising climate. Developing a digital strategy to help broaden the reach of the online auction and raffle resulted in new, first-time donors and boosted donations.

In November of 2020, an additional client – the Devils River Conservancy (DRC) – asked Noisy Trumpet to manage their online auction and raffle from start to finish. At this point, Noisy Trumpet had truly perfected this digital fundraising strategy. Noisy Trumpet managed all elements of their online auction and raffle including setting up the online platform, organic social media promotion, paid social media ads, and expanded the strategy to include text and email marketing. These tactics were used to increase the revenue raised for the clients and exceed their event goals.

San Antonio Sports online auction resulted in:

  • 25% increase in San Antonio Sports online auction participation
  • These new online purchases accounted for 15% of the overall auction income
  • Over 90% of donations raised that typically occur during an in-person event
  • 224 completed registrations to bid in the auction
  • Digital campaign KPIs included: 134,685 impressions, 4,897 clicks, 3.64% CTR

SA YES’ online auction and raffle resulted in:

  • A record-breaking $317,000 raised
  • 34 new bidders for the online auction through Facebook/Instagram ads;
    • Additional KPIs included: 36,008 impressions, 984 clicks, 2.73% CTR
  • 221 sign-ups on the auction site to purchase truck raffle tickets
    • Additional KPIs included: 194,520 impressions, 4,576 clicks, 2.35% CTR
  • 144,888 post engagements on boosted Facebook posts

DRC online auction and raffle resulted in:

  • 355% revenue raised of online auction goal
  • 665% revenue raised of initial raffle goal
  • 323% revenue raised of total event goal
  • 811 bids were placed
  • Digital campaign KPIs included: 223,227 impressions and 2,074 clicks
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