Devils River Conservancy - Water. The Consequences?

Devils River Conservancy - Water. The Consequences?

Devils River Conservancy - Water. The Consequences?

Campaign development and strategy for nonprofit multichannel advocacy campaign using print advertising, email marketing, digital advertising, social media and public relations.



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Following the success of the Devils River Conservancy’s 2018 campaign, “Don’t Blow It,” the organization decided to expand its conservation efforts and focus on the lack of groundwater management in Val Verde County. In November 2019, the Devils River Conservancy, a nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve and protect the Devils River, its springs and the lands within its water catchment area, enlisted Noisy Trumpet’s help as Val Verde County’s unique water resources came under the threat of excessive groundwater pumping and the absence of a water management plan.

Due to the detrimental regional, international, economic and ecological impacts large-scale groundwater pumping has on rivers, lakes, creeks, municipal water supply, and neighboring landowners, Noisy Trumpet identified an opportunity to encourage the citizens of Val Verde County to actively conserve and manage groundwater resources in this region.


In response, Noisy Trumpet developed a strategic PR and digital campaign “Water. The Consequences?” which shows the risk of not planning for the future of Val Verde County’s water resources and advocates for a water management strategy that protects private property rights, stream flows, recreational values, and municipal water supplies. The campaign serves to educate the public on the interconnectivity between groundwater from the complex Edwards-Trinity Aquifer and Val Verde County’s surface waters and showcase how vital these waters are for the county’s economy, environment, and many of the communities south of Del Rio, Texas. To protect our water resources, the campaign encourages the creation of spring flow standards customized to each watershed.

The primary calls to action for “Water. The Consequences?” include asking the public to: 

  • Contact their state legislators and support the creation of a water management plan.
  • Attend community events like the “Water Talk” event in Del Rio, Texas that featured a water-focused panel discussion with legislative candidates, city and county officials, and community leaders and members.
  • Recruit Devils River Advocates to support the protection of the Devils River.

Noisy Trumpet provided the following services: 

  • Campaign development and strategy
    • Initiative name and tagline development
    • Key message development
    • Brand development and logo design
  • Landing page design and development
  • Campaign asset design
    • Brochure
    • Regional map
    • Print invitation to “Water Talk”
    • Poster
    • Fact Sheet
  • Media outreach
  • Media materials development including Op-Ed development and spokesperson coordination
  • Social media management
  • Digital advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Blog content development
  • Email marketing
  • Website management
  • Event coordination and support


  • As a result of media outreach efforts promoting the launch of the campaign and “Water Talk” event, Noisy Trumpet has secured more than 100K impressions (print, online) as of March 2020.
  • The advertisements (print, digital, social) we developed garnered 300K total impressions and 2.4K clicks leading up to the February 2020 “Water Talk.”
  • Across the DRC’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Noisy Trumpet secured 33K total impressions and 1.7K engagements on posts surrounding the campaign as of March 2020.
  • As a result of our efforts, the “Water Talk” ignited a larger conversation in the community about the lack of a water management plan in Val Verde county and heightened the issues’s importance. This is reflected by:
    • The attendance of over 75 community members at the “Water Talk.”
    • The participation of key legislative candidates in the water panel who publicly took a stance on the need to protect Val Verde County’s water.
    • Two independent articles were published on the topic by the Del Rio News-Herald highlighting the importance of the issue in the area, while urging constituents to vote for the right legislative candidate who would follow-through with their promise to develop a responsible water management plan.
      • Senior Staff Writer Karen Gleason conducted her own survey for the Val Verde County Commissioners Court and Del Rio City Council.
      • Managing Editor Ruben Cantu developed an opinion piece on the creation of a groundwater conservation district.
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