Why A Great Graphic Designer Is The Key To A Successful ReBrand

Why A Great Graphic Designer Is The Key To A Successful ReBrand

March, 28 2022

Is your current brand identity accurately representing your mission and contributing to your organization’s success? Can consumers tell what your company does or stands for just by looking at your logo? If not, it might be time to consider a rebrand and Noisy Trumpet has the graphic designers you need to do just that. 

The most common reason for a rebrand is when a brand’s logo aesthetic no longer reflects what a company does. In this case, developing an updated brand identity through the creation of a new logo is necessary. However, your new logo design can’t just be good, it must be great.

“A great logo is important because it is able to represent your brand without saying a word. It’s a company’s first impression and the foundation of a brand’s identity. A good logo design will make you think, but a great logo design will evoke emotion, and set the tone for the rest of your brand.” – Daniel Castro, Senior Art Director 

So, what makes a great logo? A great graphic designer. 

Graphic design plays a key role in successfully rebranding your company. At Noisy Trumpet, our art department is experienced in logo creation and redesign. Two of our most recent projects include: 

  • Creating a new logo for Shadow’s Edge: 90th Cyberspace Operations Squadron, a software development unit for the United States Air Force based in San Antonio. 
  • Redesigning the logo for Blue Cares, the nonprofit organization and community outreach program for the San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA).

Shadow’s Edge

This logo embraces the deep history of Air Force iconography combined with a contemporary approach. History and emotion go hand in hand. By embracing the military component of this brand, audiences connect on an emotional level with the Shadow’s Edge brand.” – Daniel Castro, Senior Art Director

Blue Cares

“The Blue Cares logo uses the familiarity of the San Antonio police patch shape and brand colors. By giving the brand familiar elements that have a connection to something the audience already knows, the brand builds upon those positive emotional connections.” – Daniel Castro, Senior Art Director 

If you are trying to rebrand your organization, relying on trained professionals with experience in graphic design can help create a successful and seamless transition. Whether it is making tweaks to an already existing logo design or creating a new one from scratch, we’ve got the experts that can help. 

Contact us today. We’re just one call, like, follow, and retweet away!

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