What It Takes To Create An Agency: Interview with Noisy Trumpet Founder and CEO

What It Takes To Create An Agency: Interview with Noisy Trumpet Founder and CEO

April, 09 2019

While serving as the President and COO of San Antonio’s largest advertising agency, The PM Group, Fran Yanity noticed a void in the market: there was not a full-service digital and PR agency that could handle media relations, content creation, web design, SEO and social media coordination all under one roof. With much expertise to share and over 27 years of experience, Fran founded Noisy Trumpet Digital and Public Relations in 2017. As a leading businesswoman and owner, we wanted to give the public an opportunity to ask her questions and learn about the industry. To do so, we reached out to our followers on social media and asked them to submit one question they had for the CEO of a digital and public relations agency.

Here are five questions we selected to give you some insight into our CEO and Founder:

Question: What’s the most effective daily habit you possess?

Answer: “Discipline. In order to be successful in my different roles, both personally and professionally, focus and discipline are key to keeping me productive, on track and in the moment to accomplish everything I need to do.”

Question: What steps did you take to get to where you are today?

Answer: “I took chances and got outside my comfort zone. For example, I moved to a new city as a single mother to take on an expanded career role and then asked for difficult assignments to grow my experience. I did not have a ‘set’ career path. I was my own champion in that I looked for opportunities to better myself and to improve my skill set, all the while asking for more responsibility in order to prove my value.”

Question: Why did you pursue a career in public relations?

Answer: “My formal education included an undergraduate degree in Art History and a Master’s degree in Business. I was looking for ways to combine the creative and business aspects I liked about both into a career. Almost 30 years later, my career has touched almost every aspect of marketing and now includes PR.”

Question: Digital marketing investments are forecasted to escalate in the next two years. What do you foresee as the most challenging aspects of managing ROI on these investments?

Answer: “I see the biggest challenge as hiring, retaining and growing talent who are experts in digital marketing. So many changes are happening so quickly. To hire and retain those specialists is critical.”

Question: Having a leadership role in multiple companies, what steps do you take to manage a balance for them?

Answer: “I try to make myself as accessible as possible to all team members, so they know they can get the answers and support they need at any time for their role.”  


From taking risks to managing multiple teams, Fran Yanity’s success is the product of perseverance and discipline. Providing support and fostering innovation as a business leader has transformed Noisy Trumpet into the agency it is today.

Have more questions about agency life? Our experienced PR and digital team members each bring unique skills to the table and are experienced in services such as content creation, web design, SEO, media relations and message development. Stay tuned for more highlights with the Noisy Trumpet team in the upcoming months! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away!  

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