“Water. The Consequences?” Devils River Conservancy Launches New Campaign Initiative

“Water. The Consequences?” Devils River Conservancy Launches New Campaign Initiative

February, 24 2020

Since 2018, Noisy Trumpet has proudly represented the Devils River Conservancy, a nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve and protect the Devils River and the lands within its watershed. A year later, we’re honored to continue to work with this amazing nonprofit in their new initiative called “Water. The Consequences?.” This new campaign is advocating for smart groundwater management in Val Verde County in order to help protect municipal water supplies, environmental flows, and private property rights. As part of “Water. The Consequences?,” Noisy Trumpet has been tasked with developing a strategic public relations and digital campaign that will consist of media outreach, the development of print collateral, social media content as well as event coordination and support.


Val Verde County is home to several watersheds including the Devils River, Rio Grande, Amistad Reservoir, Pecos River and San Felipe Creek. These surface waters are fed by groundwater from the complex Edwards-Trinity Aquifer and are widely considered abundant and pure. For decades, these waters have remained the primary source of drinking water for Val Verde County and many communities south of Del Rio, Texas. They also support eco-tourism and agricultural industries, and contribute to upwards of 1/3 of the downstream flows to the Rio Grande.


Unfortunately, Val Verde County does not have a groundwater conservation district or water management plan of any type. Groundwater resources are therefore subject to the “Rule of Capture,” an English common law that allows any landowner to pump as much groundwater as they are able without consequence and regardless of the impact to rivers, lakes, creeks, municipal water supply, or neighboring landowners. 


“Water. The Consequences?” encourages Val Verde County citizens to get involved and advocates for responsible groundwater management and protection. Our team is excited to help the DRC deliver this campaign and looks forward to continuing to support them in their mission to treasure, preserve and protect the Devils River. 

Looking for an agency that can deliver an impactful and successful campaign?  Contact us today. We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away!

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