Top 3 Advertising Trends Spotted in 2023 Super Bowl Ads

Top 3 Advertising Trends Spotted in 2023 Super Bowl Ads

February, 15 2023

The Super Bowl is not only the biggest game in American football, but it’s also one of the biggest events for advertisers to showcase their latest products and services to a massive audience. Each year, brands compete to create the most memorable and talked-about commercials, or Super Bowl ad of the night, and Super Bowl 2023 was no exception. This year, we saw a wide range of ads that were transparent in their intentions, brands teaming up to create cooperative ads, and the ever-popular throwbacks. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the trends that emerged from this year’s Super Bowl commercials and what they tell us about the state of advertising in 2023.


  • Brand Transparency

One of the notable trends in this year’s Super Bowl ads was transparency. Many companies, such as T-Mobile and Pepsi, made a conscious effort to let their viewers know that their intention was to sell to them. This approach of being upfront about their motives conveyed a sense of trust and honesty, letting the audience know that the companies were not trying to trick or deceive them in any way. This shift towards transparency in advertising was a fresh and intriguing development, showing a departure from the traditional tactics of trying to sneakily persuade consumers to buy their products. The trend towards transparency in advertising appeals to a growing desire among consumers for more honesty and authenticity in advertising.


  • Cooperative Advertising

Another popular strategy in this year’s Super Bowl commercials was cooperative advertising, a strategy in which multiple brands work together to form a mutually beneficial promotion. For example, Netflix collaborated with both General Motors and Michelob ULTRA for separate ads, and Molson Coors joined forces with DraftKings. When the right partners come together, the results can be highly effective, as the combined resources and brand recognition of the companies involved can help to amplify the impact of the commercial. Not only can it help to reduce costs, but it also allows brands to tap into each other’s customer base and reach new markets. This trend towards co-advertising is a smart move for brands looking to maximize the return on their advertising investment and create a more memorable ad campaign that resonates with their target audience.


  • Movie and TV Show Throwbacks

The trend of recreating beloved movies and TV shows has been a popular theme in recent years’ Super Bowl advertisements. This trend continues to captivate audiences and evoke a sense of nostalgia, making them feel happy with reminders of simpler times. This year, we saw the return of popular classics such as “Clueless” and “Grease,” with Rakuten and T-Mobile respectively recreating iconic scenes and songs from these movies. The use of these well-known characters and scenes added a layer of humor and familiarity to the ads, making them stand out among the rest. The trend of recreating iconic movies and TV shows in advertisements shows that while advertising trends may change, the timeless appeal of nostalgia remains constant.


In conclusion, the 2023 Super Bowl advertisements were proof of the ever-evolving world of the advertising industry. While some trends, such as brand transparency and cooperative advertising, were new, others, such as nostalgia, remain just as prevalent as in previous years. These trends reflect the changing landscape of advertising and the evolving needs of consumers, as well as the timeless appeals that remain popular year after year. Look back on our 5 trends to embrace in 2023 and see how they align with the Super Bows Ads this year!

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year?

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