The Importance of Team Building

The Importance of Team Building

May, 14 2021

As any good leader knows, team building and camaraderie are critical to achieving exceptional results and high levels of employee satisfaction. When the pandemic hit last year, the Noisy Trumpet team had to get creative with how to continue connecting as a team.

From virtual Happy Hours, to charcuterie board round tables and virtual pizza parties, we tried it all. And, it worked! While we couldn’t physically be together, the ability to connect with co-workers in a relaxed environment via Zoom still achieved the desired result of helping people connect and cope in an environment of disconnection and worry. It allowed everyone to meet without an agenda, to check in with each other and just reconnect. Happy, relaxed employees deliver better results.

Now that companies are gradually transitioning back to the office setting, we thought it was time to have our first in-person team building event in over a year. At the end of April, the Noisy Trumpet team met at J Philippus Art Studio and Gallery for a fun afternoon of glass art making. From cardinals to crosses, hearts and Fiesta art to beautiful sunsets, our team made it all. There were even some snacks and sips of wine to add to the fun!

Employee satisfaction is more important now than ever before. Team outings don’t detract from productivity; they increase it. With optimally-timed gatherings and outings without an agenda, teams can efficiently connect, enjoy each other’s company and recharge, so they bring their best to the work place each day.

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