The Boomerang Club

The Boomerang Club

October, 04 2021

Why San Antonio Marketing Firm Believes in Hiring ‘Boomerang’ Employees

In business, it’s a good sign when employees want to work at your company. It’s an even better sign when former employees return to work for your company after leaving to pursue other career interests, an endorsement of sorts of a great work environment and culture.

Over the years, we’ve had quite a few employees leave and return, hence the term ‘The Boomerang Club’. I count myself as a ‘Boomerang’, working at sister agency, The PM Group, for nine years, leaving for three to be a CMO at another local company, only to return to the agency in 2016 and subsequently launch Noisy Trumpet Digital & PR in 2017. It’s been five years since I came back to our family of companies and I can honestly say I am happy I did. During the three years I was at my other position, I experienced career growth that has served me well upon my return.

While we hate to see employees depart, being a ‘Boomerang’ has its benefits. Often through a departure, an employee learns new skills, grows and then returns with a refreshed and expanded skillset which further benefits the agency as a whole.

Currently, between The PM Group and Noisy Trumpet Digital & PR, we have six ‘Boomerangs’ – Cesar, Marion, Daniel, Lanie, Elizabeth and myself.

“As I pursued other creative paths in my time away, I added many new skills to my creative suitcase. Animation, photography, campaign development and team building became new passions. Most enjoyable I must say was leading and building an award winning creative team from the ground up, learning how all the pieces of a strong team should fit and work together,” stated Daniel Castro, Senior Art Director at Noisy Trumpet.

From Cesar Benavides, Senior Software Engineer, “Some of the work I was involved in when away was building re-usable JavaScript frontends for local Austin startups, and working with Hallmark for a full rebuild of their online card selling business. I learned so many valuable skills, so when I came back to Noisy Trumpet I was very excited to bring those skills to our team’s capabilities.”

It’s a testament to the Agency’s culture and sense of family that employees feel comfortable and confident returning to our family of companies, often as their ‘last job’. Our employees are like family. It feels good to have our team members return to us to bring their skills and creative energy back home!

Put another way, “‘the grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but you still have to mow it,’” PMG CEO/Founder Bob Wills is often heard saying.


Fran Yanity

President/Chief Executive Officer

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