Super Bowl LIV: Best Social Media Strategies

Super Bowl LIV: Best Social Media Strategies

February, 05 2020

This year, there were 43.9M total social media interactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regarding Super
Bowl LIV. With this kind of engagement<, advertisers can no longer afford to limit
their efforts to just a commercial. Brands are increasingly incorporating social media into their Super Bowl
campaigns because it offers a cost-effective opportunity to be a part of the conversation. So how exactly are
companies utilizing Twitter and other platforms to enhance their advertising strategy? Here are a few of the most
effective ways our team saw brands use social media ahead of the big game.

Pre-Game Teaser (Planters)

This year, several brands released teasers for their ads prior to Super Bowl LIV. That’s
because it generally results in more online buzz, anticipation, and brand awareness among consumers. Marketers also use it as a tool to gauge their audience’s reaction before the full ad is seen. While some critics are skeptical of the effectiveness of this approach, Planters proved this tactic can be successful. Weeks prior to the game, they leaked a teaser via Twitter that announced “Mr. Peanut’s” funeral would air during the game. This resulted in more
than 3M
views on YouTube in just two days. That coverage was worth $13.7 million in equivalent brand value, far exceeding the cost of airtime. In addition, other brands jumped in to pay their condolences via Twitter, which gave Planters
increased exposure and built anticipation for their Super Bowl ad.

Effective Use of Hashtags (Olay)

Olay’s #MakeSpaceforWomen campaign encouraged users to share the hashtag and in turn,
Olay would match donations with each retweet and hashtag mention it received. The ad initially received 20K mentions
after its launch in mid-January, but gained 90K more during the game. Overall, the campaign reached over 188K brand engagements in two weeks. Olay even earned Twitter’s “hashtag” award for the most creative and effective brand hashtag of the night and received a spot on the U.S. top trending list. Inviting people to engage in your campaign,
especially when it allows them to directly make a difference, can help build your brand’s reputation.

Audience Choice Approach (Bud Light & P&G)

Prior to the game, some brands used an audience-choice approach. For example, Bud Light created an opportunity for fans
to pick which Post Malone ad they wanted to appear in the Super Bowl. Viewers could cast their vote by commenting
either #PostyStore or #PostyBar on Twitter and Instagram and Bud Light would air whichever hashtag received the most
engagement. In just two weeks, Bud light received 98.2K brand engagements on social media.

Using Twitter to promote their “” site, Procter & Gamble took a similar approach by letting consumers vote through an interactive website to determine which brand mascots would end up in
their ad. “Brands that listen carefully to their audiences when creating advertising, invite feedback on the
concepts created and demonstrate that these opinions matter, can build a greater degree of trust, relevance and
transparency in their brand communications,” says Will Grobel, a Director at Deloitte Digital.

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