Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates

March, 15 2019

With so many social media channels, it can be difficult to keep up with every update. To save you time and help you stay up to date with current trends, we have compiled a list of the latest and greatest changes to your favorite platforms.


(Image provided by Jane Manchun Wong)

Instagram is currently testing a feature that would allow users to rearrange the order of their following/followers lists based on the date you began to follow each other. With an organized list of recent connections, keeping track of who you should reach out to will be much easier. In addition, Instagram is developing a new karaoke tool. This feature would display the lyrics to a selected song directly on your screen. We look forward to seeing how different brands utilize this feature for their own marketing purposes.


(Image provided by Twitter)

Twitter is adding a more accessible camera option that allows users to simply swipe left to open the camera, take a quick photo and post. Since Twitter is fueled by urgent and frequent news updates, this will surely come in handy for those constantly on the go. Still no word on that edit button, but we hope to add that update to a blog soon!


(Image provided by Social Media Today)

Snapchat is keeping their users up to date on current news by adding latest trend features such as “Global: Trending Topics,” “US: Trending Topics,” “US: Trending Entertainment,” “US: Trending Celebrities” and “US: Trending Slang,” as reported by SocialMediaToday. This tool can be utilized to quickly see what is being discussed online and to monitor which topics you should keep top of mind.

Google AI:

(Image provided by Google AI Blog)

Your Youtube stories are about to get a face-lift! Google AI has introduced new face masks and illustrations to YouTube stories. Social media users are no strangers to filters but recent animations created by Google AI will be a step-up in the tech. These augmented faces trace facial features, then seamlessly merge illustrated creations with real-life people and movements.

Now that you’re all caught up, which update are you looking forward to the most? Stay social with us if you want to stay up to date with industry trends and up your social media game. We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away.

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