What is Social Listening & How to Use It

What is Social Listening & How to Use It

November, 05 2019

What is Social Listening?

Social listening goes beyond numbers and gains insight into the mood and tone in users’ posts about your brand. Do you know what people are saying about your brand? You may be monitoring social media channels by tracking key metrics, collecting data and following trends, but what about going beyond the data and putting that information to use? That’s where social listening comes in. Social listening is taking the data you’ve gathered from social media monitoring, analyzing it, and utilizing information gained to better your brand. Think of it this way – while social monitoring is about looking back at the data you’ve already collected, social listening is about moving forward. 

Social listening applies to your brand, industry, and competitors. Noisy Trumpet stays cognizant of how the public engages with our clients, who their brand advocates are, and what is happening in the industry. This ultimately improves and maintains our relationship with audiences.

In addition to using social media management tools to help you discover information necessary for social listening, our team is here to explain how to apply this information.

How to Use Social Listening

  • Engagement- Identify opportunities to engage in conversations about your brand by learning more about your audience. Tune into the likes and dislikes of your followers. What do they want? What do they care about? How do they feel about your brand? Can you help them? Look for opportunities to respond to your audience. If there are positive responses, look into why and how you can continue to meet their needs. If there are negative responses, find out why and make changes. People appreciate authentic brands that listen and stay engaged. 
  • Differentiation– Staying updated with what strategies and tactics your competitors are using can help differentiate your brand. Search for keywords and hashtags that your organization associates itself with and monitor what others in your industry are up to. The conversations people have about your competitors can give insight to what works and doesn’t work. Never copy other strategies but rather study them to learn from your research and stand out from your competition. Originality is key to building a positive reputation.
  • Influencer Marketing- Utilize the insights gathered through social listening to guide your strategy for influencer marketing. Through social listening, you will get a sense for who your natural brand advocates are, and who are the important influencers in the space. Noisy Trumpet can connect clients with influencer marketing opportunities to increase brand presence and reach. Researching key influencers and utilizing their online presence can help build your brand’s story. Whether you are targeting a niche audience or seeking a large following, social listening will determine what is best for your brand.  

Ready to strengthen your brand’s social listening efforts? Contact us today. We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away!  

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