SA YES’ Online Auction and Truck Raffle Exceeds Fundraising Goal!

SA YES’ Online Auction and Truck Raffle Exceeds Fundraising Goal!

September, 15 2020

Since 2017, we’ve supported SA YES as they continue to fulfill their mission to support Title 1 elementary schools. Every year, this nonprofit organization ensures that students are provided with essential school supplies needed to succeed. Although this year provided its own set of challenges amidst the current pandemic, we’re thrilled to say that the organization raised a record-breaking $317,000!

While SA YES could no longer host its largest in-person fundraising events, we worked alongside the nonprofit to launch an online auction and truck raffle to ensure that SA YES could continue to provide essential school supplies to their students. In partnership with Ancira Auto Group, the SA YES 2020 Drive Away for Education Truck Raffle helped increase their fundraising efforts and gained local media broadcast. Proceeds from the online auction and raffle directly benefited the Back to Basics Project, which will provide school supplies for the 2021-2022 school year.

“The tireless generosity and unwavering support from the community and local sponsors has helped our organization thrive even during these uncertain times,” said SA YES Executive Director, Danielle Gunter. “Each year, we are determined to serve Title 1 elementary schools, and with our tremendous group of supporters, we can fulfill that mission again this year.”

Noisy Trumpet provided social, web, and public relations support. Our combined digital marketing efforts resulted in 15.5K social media engagements and 1.77M impressions. We’re elated to say that we were able to help SA YES reach their goal during a time when providing children with the proper school supplies is more critical than ever before.

Are you a nonprofit organization looking to drive donations to your cause while you navigate the current pandemic? Contact us today. We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, and DM away!

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