PR and SEO: Match Made in Digital Heaven

PR and SEO: Match Made in Digital Heaven

February, 15 2019

PR and SEO are the marketing power couple taking the communications world by storm. The marriage between public relations and search engine optimization has provided effective results for clients and proven that the integration of two is better than one.



Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, raise your search rankings or simply make your message heard on a larger scale, there are many benefits to PR and SEO teaming up to work together. Here is a list of the top benefits your company will gain from utilizing PR and SEO:


  • Be Heard
    • When PR and SEO teams are aligned, it creates a mutually beneficial push-and-pull effect. PR pushes the message out and SEO optimizes your presence by pulling consumers in when they search keywords or phrases used by your company. In turn, each team needs the other if they want to maximize results. PR needs SEO to ensure their message is reaching the appropriate audience, and SEO needs the quality content that PR provides. Take advantage of this opportunity to allow your brand to reach new heights and deliver your message further than it has ever gone before.


  • Reach the Masses
    • Having a recognizable brand is becoming more and more important for landing on the search engine results page; getting featured on powerful third-party sites goes a long way to cementing you as a trusted brand.
    • If your brand name is getting mentioned in lots of different places, be that social media, news websites or elsewhere on the web, there is no doubt that Google will go a step closer to trusting you and ranking you higher.
    • How do you get people talking about you? Media outreach efforts help place your content in targeted outlets, consequently broadening your reach and awareness while increasing your content’s ranking on search engine result pages.


  • Build Search Engine Rankings
    • Content and Keywords
      • Search engine ranking improves when your website is filled with strong content and keywords. For example, if your website has more visual content, you will have limited keywords for Google to pull and use in your ranking. However, if you take the time to research appropriate keywords that would benefit and represent your brand category, SEO teams can collaborate with PR to write copy that includes the best words and phrases to amplify your website.
    • Link Building
      • Link building is an important SEO tactic because it is a major search engine ranking factor. PR is key in this process because the team can provide links to reputable web pages in their content. For example, when you write a press release for your client, you can add a link to their website in the copy. Then, if that press release is picked up by a news source, the client will receive inbound site traffic from the reputable news source, increasing SEO and page authority.
  • Reputation Mangement
    • Positive reviews not only help build your brand’s reputation but also your search engine rankings.


On Again, Off Again

This information will probably raise the question of,Why don’t all companies merge their PR and SEO teams?” To answer simply, time and resources. In order for this partnership to work, both PR and SEO teams have to coordinate and plan together on a daily basis. This includes content planning, writing, research, information presentation and so forth. Although it will take time for this transition to fit smoothly into your daily tasks, both teams will benefit immensely from each other.  

If you are in need of PR and digital services that will help your company grow, we are here to help. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away.

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