Noisy Trumpet Welcomes TOKC!

Noisy Trumpet Welcomes TOKC!

September, 10 2017

Noisy Trumpet is proud and humbled to announce our new relationship with Triumph Over Kid Cancer (TOKC), a non-profit organization born to fight and ultimately prevent cancer in pediatric patients, as the name implies.

On a daily basis, we have the privilege of working with a variety of brands to enhance their social presence, create and maintain a brand identity, and position their company’s reputation in a positive and accurate fashion. Never is the process we call work more rewarding than when we get to clock in and help an incredible cause at the same time.

PR, social, and digital strategy aside, we think TOKC is a profound and unique organization who we are confident in and proud of. We look forward to working with them as we assist in establishing and spreading their message to further this great cause.

Every kid deserves to play, enjoy childhood, and grow up to live a long and happy life as an adult. We are serious about working with TOKC to assure that this dream becomes reality for as many kids in our community as possible.

Noisy Trumpet is the social and digital agency of record.

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