Noisy Trumpet Turns 5! Introducing Our Core Values

Noisy Trumpet Turns 5! Introducing Our Core Values

November, 03 2022

After hard, driven, intentional work and tremendous growth, we proudly celebrated our fifth-year anniversary in 2022! For the past five years, we’ve taken pride in helping businesses grow their customer base and expand their reach through our digital, web, social and public relations services. Our agency has come a long way and we will continue in our pursuits to expand and produce meaningful results as a company. 

Pictured (From Left to Right): Director of Public Relations Clarissa Castañeda, Founder and CEO Fran Yanity, Vice President of Digital Strategy Sarah Strunk

To kick off year five, we have established core values that serve as the heartbeat of what we do, who we are, and why we do it. After much thought and employee feedback, we landed on the phrase “Noisy Trumpet GETS IT” to encapsulate what we believe are the qualities that best represent our organization’s fundamental driving forces. The abbreviation GETS IT stands for the traits: Growth, Expertise, Teamwork, Service, Innovation, and Trust. 


Growth. We are not satisfied by the status quo. We strive to constantly improve our company, our employees’ personal and professional skill sets, and the value we provide to our clients so we can drive company growth.

Expertise. Our team of highly trained specialists are experts in the industry and deliver personalized plans that move the needle. 

Teamwork. It is through shared responsibilities and diversity in thought that our team is able to produce holistic campaigns that drive measurable and meaningful results.

Service. Noisy Trumpet will always be a community-first agency. All staff is encouraged to participate in our Volunteerism Matters program through which our agency contributes to the local community via volunteer work and fundraising efforts.

Innovation. We help clients identify new opportunities to engage and connect with their target audience through creativity, cutting-edge thinking and innovation through digital marketing and advertising, website development, social media management, and public relations.

Trust. Simply put, we do what we say we will do for our team, our clients, our company and the industry as a whole.

“After the first five years of exponential growth, capturing who we are, what we do and how we do it was an important milestone for the team. This collaborative effort of crystalizing our core values was a critical part of our journey to the next level.”

  • Fran Yanity, Founder and CEO

As we move forward with our company’s mission of elevating brands as leaders across marketing channels, we will hold the above-mentioned qualities as guiding principles. We are beyond excited for the future of our agency and know that these core values will allow us to reach new heights and accomplish our goals.

Ready to get your message out? Join the ensemble of San Antonio companies and organizations growing their brands with Noisy Trumpet. Remember, our team “GETS IT” when it comes to providing impactful digital, web, social and public relations services.

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