Noisy Trumpet Digital Team Takes on Celebrity Fan Fest 2019

Noisy Trumpet Digital Team Takes on Celebrity Fan Fest 2019

July, 12 2019

Since Celebrity Fan Fest joined the comic con scene in 2018, Noisy Trumpet has had the privilege and unique opportunity to provide digital marketing and web services to San Antonio’s favorite growing pop culture fan festival. Celebrity Fan Fest 2019 took place this past June over a 3-day weekend featuring some of Hollywood’s top talent and cars, gaming exhibits, vendors and artists.

The return of Celebrity Fan Fest was announced in January, so our digital and web teams quickly began working on the promotion of the event. To meet our digital goals and create buzz, we handled every aspect including web design and maintenance, social media, digital ad campaigns and much more. Get a glimpse into the hard work it takes to deliver a successful event that hosted over 36,000+ people from across the country and world, in our breakdown below.


Website Development and Maintenance

A website plays a crucial role in the success of an event because it provides an online platform to support all marketing efforts, including sales. It was (and is) the backbone of Celebrity Fan Fest as it increases visibility and provides important information to future and potential attendees and is the main ticket portal for the event. The world continues to shift into a digital realm, so online accessibility is important, especially when it comes to buying tickets to see your favorite Hollywood stars!

Our team developed a customized website centered on user experience and aesthetically pleasing web pages that are easy to navigate through the buying journey. The Noisy Trumpet digital and web team worked together to help increase the quality and quantity of traffic coming to the Celebrity Fan Fest site through content creation and search engine optimization (SEO). This included updating the website as new celebrities were announced and ensuring all ticket information was up to date in this fast-paced industry. Showing up in top search results does not happen overnight – it requires time and a holistic marketing strategy. Our website and SEO efforts were only a piece of what helped drive ticket sales and attendance from all over the world.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

A digital marketing campaign will only be as successful as the website. This means that it is imperative the website and/or landing pages be optimized for user experience and conversions. The goal of our campaign was to drive purchases, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the site. This required eye-catching creative from our award-winning designers and the appropriate placement of tracking mechanisms on the site so that we could collect data and show results.

The team ran a multi-channel digital ad campaign as a part of the CFF overall paid strategy and secured over 6 million impressions, 50,000 clicks and over 700 ticket purchases directly attributed to the campaign! The success of our marketing campaign was a result of an optimized website, great creative and data-driven targeting tactics derived from analytics.

Event Social Media

The Noisy Trumpet social media team managed CFF social channels leading up to the event, sharing important celebrity announcements and generating buzz around the event. However, developing a day-of-event social media strategy is just as important as a pre-event strategy. Attendees are constantly checking social channels for event updates, missed moments and daily recaps. Having a consistent voice and an active presence on social media helps connect and create an authentic relationship with attendees, encouraging them to participate in the conversation.

Our social media team encouraged participation by posting engaging content specifically tailored for each platform while using industry best practices. We even had user-generated content displayed at the event (pictured above) to encourage participation! Posting is only one part; responding and interacting with user-generated content is the other half. Within the three-day pop culture fan festival, Celebrity Fan Fest garnered over 3,200 user-generated posts, 400,000 engagements and 32 million impressions.


If you’re looking to hold a successful event, contact us today. We are just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away!

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