Noisy Trumpet CEO Helps Lead the Way for Future PR Professionals

Noisy Trumpet CEO Helps Lead the Way for Future PR Professionals

January, 19 2021

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the nation’s leading professional organization dedicated to communications professionals. As a result of Noisy Trumpet CEO Fran Yanity’s thought leadership and active community mentorship, she recently accepted a position on the Board of Directors for PRSA’s San Antonio chapter. During this annual term, she will specifically chair the management and promotion of The Marilyn Potts Endowment Fund, dedicated to the chapter’s previous and late President, Marilyn Potts.

Created in 2007, The Marilyn Potts Endowment Fund aims to support communications students in the community by providing scholarships and offering professional development opportunities tailored to meet the needs of young practitioners. The fund will help mentor the next generation of public relations leaders in San Antonio.

A ‘community-first’ mindset has been a prominent pillar since the foundation of the agency. From the beginning, our CEO believed that in order to lead the way for future communications professionals in our community, you must invest in their growth. Therefore, this year Noisy Trumpet is honored to match the $1,000 scholarship amount which will benefit a full-time enrolled student at a local university pursuing a communications degree who has demonstrated active participation in public relations outside of the classroom.

To learn about PRSA’s Marilyn Pott Endowment fund, please visit: PRSA Endowment

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