Noisy Trumpet Delivers Explosive Marketing Campaign for Alamo Fireworks

Noisy Trumpet Delivers Explosive Marketing Campaign for Alamo Fireworks

August, 07 2020

With over 175 locations and 28 mega stores in three states, Alamo Fireworks has everything you need to spark a good time. Our client is a family-owned retail and wholesale fireworks company who promises to deliver 100% happy memories guaranteed. Alamo Fireworks just wrapped up a booming Fourth of July season with record-breaking sales and we are thrilled to have been a part of the noise!

Noisy Trumpet supported their business through digital marketing services including social media management, SMS marketing, email marketing, web development and a digital advertising campaign that resulted in over 2.5 million total impressions. We also helped our client digitally promote their first-ever Alamo-To-Go Curbside Pickup with contactless service. This service allowed customers to order their fireworks ahead, skip the lines and protect themselves and employees during the pandemic by limiting the amount of person-to-person contact. 

The overall goal of our campaign was to raise brand awareness in their key markets leading up to the Fourth of July, drive curbside orders and increase sales. In addition to the services we provided, our sister company, The PM Group provided traditional marketing support that included creative and print projects. Quarter Moon Productions also featured Alamo Fireworks on their lifestyle and travel show, YOLO TX, showing a firsthand look at their incredible assortment of fireworks.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Texas’ favorite fireworks company this December. Stay tuned for our next campaign during New Year’s season as we help Alamo Fireworks light up the sky for another night of happy memories!

In need of a marketing campaign that will bring in booming sales? Contact us today. We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, and DM away!

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