March Social Media Updates

March Social Media Updates

March, 30 2018

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and developing ways to retain users and draw in new ones. When done strategically, businesses can leverage these changes to grow the visibility and value of their product or service. The following are a few recent social media updates marketing and public relations professionals should keep an eye on.


Explore the Snap Map

Snapchat is adding an explore feature to bulk up the functionality and engagement of Snap Maps. As AdWeek reports, users will receive alerts about what their friends are doing and be able to see them on the map. These faux status updates will be automatically generated based on contextual information and location. For example, if your friend is at a concert, their status will say they are at a concert.


For marketers, this update can provide exposure to events and brands, especially when the story is combined with a geofilter context card. Moreover, marketers will need to adjust their focus to Snapchat to place their message as the app expands into the social networking space.


@ Me on Snapchat!

Snapchat recently rolled out a mention feature on their app. Similar to Instagram, users will now be able to mention other users in their stories, everyone from friends to influencers.  According to TechCrunch, pressing on the @-tag will reveal a swipe-up option showing the tagged person’s name, handle, Bitmoji, and an Add button.


Companies will now have a new way to expand their following by being tagged in Snapchat stories. Through being tagged by influencers, brands can be easily seen and followed by interested consumers. More marketers may consider being present on the app especially as influencer collaborations become a more integral part of an integrated marketing campaign.


Twitter Puts News First

According to Social Media Today, Twitter is testing a breaking news feature that will highlight trending topics and nest them at the top of users’ timeline. Relevant tweets that are attributed to the topic will be filed under one roof making it easier for users to monitor and join in on the discussion.


Utilizing this feature for a media relations strategy provides a no-cost and efficient way to get to the forefront of public discussion. They are able to offer their expertise on a given topic, producing more opportunities to be picked up by reporters and inevitably generate greater reach and influence.


Instagram’s Bio Makeover

Instagram made a subtle but important update, by allowing users to include hashtags and profile links in their Instagram bios. Mashable highlights the ability to see similar posts with the same hashtag and discover other profiles. Because privacy is key, tagged users will have the option to remove their handles from someone else’s bio.


For marketers, hashtags are vital to drawing attention to their brand and expanding their reach. In addition, the capability of adding profile links gives companies, who own multiple accounts under one brand, the ability to seamlessly connect to each other, doubling-down on audience growth.


Allowing your brand’s voice to be heard can be a tough task. Our duty as marketers is to provide our clients with every resource available, including the most up-to-date social media tools and tips. With our expertise and these innovations, we’ll keep your business flourishing. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, favorite and DM away.

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