The Time for Interactive Content

The Time for Interactive Content

November, 08 2018

Online advertisements have been getting quite the upgrade. With new interactive content such as 3D ads, social polls and virtual reality, online users are able to engage with ads and branded content more than ever before. By engaging with your audience through these ads, you are helping to break through the noise and differentiate your brand. These forms of online advertising are promoting top of the funnel tactics that facilitate not only awareness but spark interest and consideration of the brand. Interactive experiences provide a fun way for consumers to learn more about your brand without feeling the pressure to purchase.

Here are a few examples of how you can start incorporating interactive ads into your marketing plan:  


3D & HTML5 Ads

With HTML5 and 3D advertising, businesses are able to create eye-catching and interactive online display ads. HTML5 coding gives marketers the ability to add movement and interaction to ads, helping combat banner blindness. The newly introduced 3D advertisements are taking interaction another step by offering a full 360 view of products. Users can now interact with products, learn its benefits and compare it to the competition all from the comfort of their own home. These new additions show a promising future for upping engagement with HTML5 ads drastically increasing click-through rates by 267% when compared to static-ads, as stated by research by Adform.


Polls and Surveys

When a company utilizes poll and surveys on social media, they are starting a two-way conversation with their audience. When your audience feels involved in the conversation they are able to express how they feel about the topic at hand and they are also able to see how other people following the same page think. In addition to audience engagement, polls/surveys are a fast and easy way to receive feedback for your company. While polls are common on Instagram, Facebook is working on adding this feature to their platform and are currently testing adding video polls to advertisements.



Augmented and Virtual Reality are quickly taking the marketing world by storm. With new features being worked on every day, it’s something brands need to keep on their radar. Snapchat has been in the game for some time offering different filters and lenses, and continue to maximize their share of this market. Now, Facebook AR Studio has partnered with Sketchpad to create 3D posts.


Social Games (Gamification)

Gamification is the process of taking a game design and placing it into non-gaming contexts such as websites or online communities. As we’ve previously discussed here, gaming is a top tool to use if you are looking to increase your consumer engagement. There are many ways you can incorporate gamification into your marketing. This can be as simple as accumulating points and competing with friends on leaderboards. Or, you can provide a stronger gamification by creating challenges and quests for online users to complete and receive exclusive rewards.


The digital media world is constantly growing and the future of marketing is interactive. These techniques are not only fun ways for consumers to interact with brands but it is the most promising form of gaining online traction for your business. When you are planning your next campaign, think about ways to involve your customers, start a poll, turn your logo into a fun filter, or create challenges for your customers to play and share on their social platforms.  


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