How We’re Shaking Things Up at Noisy Trumpet After the Social Shake-Up

How We’re Shaking Things Up at Noisy Trumpet After the Social Shake-Up

June, 29 2022

Social media constantly evolves and grows. As a Digital Marketing & PR agency, our duty is to be at the forefront of industry trends. This June, our social media team attended the Social Shake-Up Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. After absorbing every ounce of knowledge from leaders in the industry, we’ve listed the four biggest takeaways we plan to apply to our clients’ and agency social media strategies:

  • Creating Accessible Content

Accessibility on social media means someone with a disability, such as those who are blind or visually impaired, should be able to “access” and comprehend content as would someone without a disability. Creating accessible social content shows a brand’s commitment to inclusion and ensures that all people are able to interact with social posts, increasing reach and engagement opportunities. There are several ways to make social media posts more accessible such as including captions on video content, using alternative text on images, and capitalizing hashtags. These are just a few strategies to help all fans engage with a brand. At Noisy Trumpet, we aim to ensure our messages reach and resonate with every reader.

  • Leveraging User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) can be considered a digital version of word-of-mouth advertising and is one of the top-performing forms of organic social media content. Tapping into a brand’s audience and giving them a spotlight is an effective way of collecting and sharing authentic content that encourages increased engagement and conversation. In fact, UGC is 2.4x more engaging than standard content! Our team learned all about best practices for finding quality UGC and maximizing its use across social platforms from marketing professionals of Walmart and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Moving forward, we are eager to further implement the use of UGC to garner results for our clients in a cost-effective way.

  • Amplifying Video Content

Now more than ever, video content is being heavily prioritized on social media. Thus, brands need to know how to create said content in an efficient, multipurpose way to make the most of the time and effort that goes into producing videos. Our biggest takeaway from The Social Shake-Up was the importance of creating snackable video content that is able to quickly capture an audience’s attention. Best practices include:

  • Participating in trends in a timely, authentic manner 
  • Paying attention to framing based on which platform you are posting to 
  • Monetizing the potential for longer content through TikToks, Reels, YouTube videos, stories, and more

Video is king — the more you utilize this growing trend, the better your return. Our agency leverages a mix of video content to help build and maintain engagement.

  • Reshaping Influencer Strategy

Using influencer marketing is a great way to expand a brand’s reach on social media. It allows brands to promote their products or services through a trusted figure within a niche community, rather than doing so themselves. From professionals at Edible Arrangements and Holiday Inn Club Vacations, we learned how to functionally plan, prepare, and execute successful influencer marketing campaigns. Not only did we gain insight on fundamental processes  for identifying appropriate influencer partners based on a campaign’s goals, but also how to amplify and measure the results of influencer content. Noisy Trumpet utilizes influencers to promote client events, exhibitions, and raise awareness about impactful initiatives in combination with other marketing and PR initiatives.  We are excited to apply our learnings to future influencer marketing campaigns that raise brand awareness and build authority.

We have a vested interest in keeping our clients and agency at the top of the social game. By utilizing these, and many more key learnings from The Social Shake-Up, we aim to foster social engagement and reinvent content strategy to stay fresh and relevant in our quickly evolving digital landscape. Contact us today for help unleashing your organization’s full potential on social media!

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