How to Market for the Holidays

How to Market for the Holidays

October, 29 2018

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s a great time to reassess your marketing strategies for the coming months. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, the earlier you get started the better (think early fall)!


The Reason for the Season

The holiday season is about showing others how much you care and taking the time to make the world a better place. Forbes suggests partnering with a nonprofit for holiday promotions. Teaming up with a nonprofit not only gives your company the opportunity to give back to your community but also opens up your network to new opportunities. Here at Noisy Trumpet, we have launched Robin Hood 210 just in time for the holidays! Robin Hood 210 is a digital marketplace where customers can shop for gifts whose net profits go towards a chosen nonprofit for several months. Robin Hood 210 supports charities around the Alamo City and we are thrilled to support them all.


Go Live!

Make sure to take advantage of Facebook Live this holiday season. This form of communication can provide a stripped back and more down to earth level of conversation. The great thing about Facebook Live is that you can get creative with how you want to utilize the feature. Whether you are live streaming a press conference, product launch or even Q&A’s with your CEO, you are letting your followers in and allowing them to see a little sneak peek of what your company looks like behind the scenes. The holidays are a great time to get to know your customers on a deeper level and Facebook Live is the perfect platform. Make it fun and use the opportunity to find out how they are celebrating the season and recommend events or products you think they’ll enjoy.  


Promote your Brand

The holidays are packed with product promotions but don’t forget to also take the time to promote your brand. That way, you are fresh in the consumers’ minds as they enter the new year and are looking for different things to try. You can accomplish this by providing exclusive deals to new customers or finding ways to personalize your holiday messages.


Make the Holidays Stress Free

Lastly, the main thing to remember during the holidays season is to make things as stress-free and easy for your customers as possible. Provide tips and additional information about your products or brand to make the consumer’s holiday shopping a little more enjoyable. Providing a stress-free experience will leave a lasting impression on your customers and sure to establish loyalty that will bring them back again and again!

Getting prepared for the holiday season can be a daunting challenge. Our duty as marketers is to provide our clients with every resource available. Let our expertise keep your business at the forefront of innovation and change. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away.

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