From Data to Personalized Experiences

From Data to Personalized Experiences

May, 10 2019

Noisy Trumpet is thrilled to bring you the second part of our Texas Marketing Summit series! Two weeks ago we attended this conference in Dallas and learned from the best in the business. In case you weren’t able to attend, we’ve compiled the valuable insights gained and will be sharing them in this three-part series. Our second takeaway: Turn data into personalized experiences.


Data drives good digital, UX and content strategy. If you understand who your users are and get to know them, you can develop content tailored to them. Every brand needs to know, who is coming to your site and why? What do they do there? What is the value of each interaction? How are you tailoring their experience to them with the goal of facilitating loyalty? While retrieving data on your audience isn’t necessarily a one-stop shop, looking at different data signals (reviews, social feedback, web behaviors, surveys, etc.) will send you in the right direction of truly knowing your audience. Prioritizing a personalized experience for your audience isn’t easy but keep in mind the following when trying to understanding your users:

  • Research the behavior of your customer and choose the appropriate platforms to fit their needs. Is that YouTube, Google, TV, Influencers?
  • Don’t let internal desire conquer what’s actually needed. If your digital strategy can’t be backed by research, reevaluate your personal preference.
  • Understand beyond demographic data. Marketers tend to see their audience as a percentage or number. It’s time to break down the walls and see your audience as real people with real needs to conquer real personalization.
  • Identify, monitor and revisit your plan’s goals regularly — especially for segmented strategies. You can’t be all things to all people. Know what you’re working towards.
  • Measure and refine. One solution may work today, but not tomorrow.
  • Last but not least, quantify the journey. Creating digital touch points and other data markers that can be measured will allow you to optimize your strategy and garner results.

Noisy Trumpet acknowledges that your business may not always have the time or opportunity to prioritize turning data into a personalized experience for consumers. Our agency can help you analyze data to optimize your digital, UX and content strategy that will make sure your brand is truly heard. We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away.

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