Seeking Emotional Sentiment in Digital Media and PR

Seeking Emotional Sentiment in Digital Media and PR

May, 20 2019

Regardless of the current state of the digital age, human connection will never go away. People seek more from brands than just an advertisement or sales pitch. The question is, how will we use technology to deepen relationships with our customers and answer intrinsic human needs? For our final takeaway from the Texas Marketing Summit, here are a few things to consider when fostering relationships with users during the consumer journey:

  • Every interaction creates a personal reaction. Take feedback seriously and respond authentically.
  • Stop just chasing clicks and pay attention to what people are interested in. Content that evokes emotions has a greater impact than meaningless clickbait. We can no longer be solely transactional with customers, it has to be relational.
  • Strive for buzzworthy performances. If companies want to make their voice heard, they need to start with making sure their customers voice is heard. By creating and promoting buzzworthy content, the company is in a position to engage in meaningful conversations with their audience.
  • Consumer loyalty is and will continue to be driven by shared values like courtesy, honestly, loyalty and success.
  • People want to hear from other advocates about your brand. 92% of consumers read reviews and at the end of the day, people trust people.
  • Customer service is the new marketing. If customer service relationships are not up to high standards, it will develop a negative tone for your overall brand image and voice.
  • Invest in listening tools. Trends, mentions and relevant content may not always be directed to you but can still elicit an opportunity to join the conversation. Marketers must seek out and engage with new information in order to build credibility and remain knowledgeable of industry trends in their respective industries.
  • Balance human needs with technology. Customer familiarity breeds alignments – people crave human interaction and human connection. For example, the Ad Council “Love Has No Labels ” campaign incorporates technology with real human interaction to deliver a key message, in turn allowing the public to interact with the brand and each other.
(Photo provided by Ad Council and “Love Has No Labels”)

Marketing trends are constantly shifting and while we can’t always read the consumer mind, understanding your audience can be achieved through data and creative strategy. If you want to “Be Heard” and make the right kind of noise in your industry, Noisy Trumpet is here to help. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away.

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