Celebrate Your Brand This Fiesta Season

Celebrate Your Brand This Fiesta Season

April, 19 2018

Fiesta season is officially here and it’s your brand’s time to leverage this vibrant occasion! Integrate events like Fiesta into your marketing efforts and maintain a presence that keeps your brand relevant in the community. Here are a few ways your brand can incorporate Fiesta into marketing strategies:

Get out there.

Fiesta’s annual events are prime opportunities to connect your brand with a highly engaged audience within the city. By leveraging events like Fiesta you connect with the community in creative and relevant ways that inserts your brand into a larger conversation. Keep the goal of brand awareness and accessibility in mind when executing an event based strategy.

Incorporate the latest in marketing technology into your strategy.

While at events, keep in mind that your whole audience may not be in attendance. Utilizing technologies like live coverage of these events provides engagement with an audience you wouldn’t have necessarily reached before. This also provides you with content to share through your distribution platforms to really plus out your presence at the event.

Leverage events through content marketing.

Connect with your users through digital platforms by sharing photos and stories from the event. Even if you don’t attend an event, your overarching content strategy can be fueled by Fiesta. Touch on what is going on throughout the city and celebrate the season through your content.

 Keep it personal to connect.

Strategically connecting with a community can lead to numerous opportunities. Giving your brand a personality via interpersonal connections, rather than putting your efforts in selling, creates stronger brand equity. One conversation, tweet, tag or even direct message is an opportunity for your brand later down the road.

Keeping communication on a personal level allows you to create a relatable brand that consumers are attracted to. Marketers developing these relationships with an audience and local businesses have a heavy presence in local networks.  

 Stay Authentic to the San Antonio region.

Fiesta is one of the largest events in San Antonio attracting millions each year. This South Texas staple is deeply connected to our city’s identity and unites the community through culture, history and heritage. While San Antonio is the Fiesta epicenter, large events that attract significant crowds are not limited to the huge cities. Many well-known events happen in small towns and provide equal opportunity to localize your brand’s story.

Creating a positive and unique association with these communities may not create onspot conversions, but it gives your brand a positive public perception that leads to valuable relationships. Authentic relationships — whether to other businesses or consumers — hold a lot of weight. You might even consider partnering with other businesses that provide credibility to the brand when marketing during Fiesta.

Keeping your brand relevant can be a tough task. Our duty as marketers is to provide our clients with every resource available. With our expertise and these innovations, we’ll keep your business flourishing. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, favorite and DM away.

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