Building Your Brand with Social Media

Building Your Brand with Social Media

June, 03 2019

Social media usage continues to grow and provide more resources for brands to reach their target audience. Social media is not only an outlet to share the latest news and trends, it is a channel that allows effective communication. This is an opportunity for brands to engage with their audience, learn ways to improve and join in on conversations outside of their own brand. Whether a brand’s goal is to build awareness, create a unique voice that puts their name on the map or strengthen consumer trust, they can accomplish those goals by dedicating time to developing a social presence that stands out. “Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through the channel,” according to PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey. New and existing customers are turning to brand’s social media channels to form an opinion, this is why it is vital for brands to ensure quality engagement and content.

Know Your Audience

Brands need to develop in the direction of their audience. As your audience grows, so should your tactics. Before you connect with your audience, you must understand their likes, wants and needs. Knowing your audience is key to a successful marketing strategy. Noisy Trumpet’s creative team can identify your target audience as well as establish what topics and messages appeal to them the most. This will also build the foundation for other communication channels that drive business, such as your website’s SEO, content marketing and public relation strategies.

Know Your Platform

Noisy Trumpet creates compelling content, consistent with your brand and relevant to consumers. A common mistake businesses make is posting identical copy and creative across all social outlets. Your content should be unique and crafted towards each specific platform. For example, Instagram pulls in visual storytellers, Twitter is the go-to source for frequent and fast news and Facebook provides more in-depth information and group conversation. Although there are many more social media platforms we could address, the main takeaway is that each message needs to be tailored to your audience and the platform they are using. Along with catering content to specific outlets, it is also effective to tailor the amount you post and when. The Noisy Trumpet team will determine the most effective frequency of published content to reach your audience at the times they are active online.

Is your brand in need of a social media revamp? Noisy Trumpet stays up to date with current trends and adapts to new changes occurring across social channels. Our team can help you transform your online presence and engage with the right audience. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet and DM away.  

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