The Benefits of Data-Driven Public Relations

The Benefits of Data-Driven Public Relations

May, 25 2018

Aside from creative storytelling, data is at the forefront of PR and has become essential in the development of effective marketing strategies and campaigns. According to PR Week, “the future of public relations lies in compelling content that is supercharged by data and analytics.”

Building brand trust and awareness is not an easy feat, but with unique content and a data-driven approach, you can obtain transformative results.

Here are three benefits to a data-driven PR strategy:

Research and Campaign Creation 

Strong public relations strategies should begin with research in order to build a comprehensive outline of a brand, it’s mission and business objectives. This is a method to identify relevant data needed to create an effective marketing campaign. This data will consist of the brand’s target audience, social media following and customer feedback.

  1. What can the brand do better?
  2. Is customer feedback positive or negative?
  3. Does the brand have social media accounts? If so, do they have a large social following?
  4. How can the brand improve? What makes the brand unique?

Media Credibility

Data can help PR teams tell an even greater story. Not only does it add credibility, it can position a brand as a thought leader and a valuable resource to journalists. Brand reputability should transcend beyond targeted audiences to targeted media outlets. If a PR campaign can incorporate data in brand messaging that relates to a popular industry topic or current trend, the chances of media pickup are even greater.

Transparency and Results

“A strong data strategy can bring clarity to a public relations campaign by outlining ways to improve awareness and results,” highlights Annalect, a marketing consulting firm.

At the end of a campaign, data can help PR professionals structure a narrative for their client that highlights the latest industry trends, consumer preferences and most importantly, results.

Data can offer an inside look at what drives brand awareness, sales and consumer behaviors. What worked during the campaign? What didn’t?  These analytics can assist with content creation that is not only current to industry trends but also relevant to target audiences.

Deciphering this information may seem like a big task, but fortunately, there are many tools available to help such as bitly, Sprout Social, and Google Analytics.  These also provide ways for PR pros to tie their efforts back to sales and potential leads.

If your brand is looking to boost awareness, audience reach and sales, Noisy Trumpet can help develop a public relations strategy tailored to your objectives with creative storytelling and measurable results!

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