What Does AI Mean for SEO?

What Does AI Mean for SEO?

April, 27 2018

Back in January, we made some predictions about digital trends coming this year. Of these, artificial intelligence is at the top of the list, impacting a variety of different areas including search engine optimization (SEO). Now, we dive a little deeper into this futuristic technology’s impact on the future of SEO.


Shifting Tides

According to Woorank, Google is no longer just analyzing, indexing and ranking content. Instead, by using AI and machine learning, it’s shifting focus to user behavior and intent to provide more useful information. By analyzing engagement metrics like click-through-rate, the system learns what content is valuable to what search. Now that machine learning technology is in the driver’s seat of SEO, what can brands do to stay ahead of the curve?


How to Get Ahead

Consider using semantic markup to make your content machine-learning ready. This tool tells search engines what your content means, not just what it says. This helps with rankings by making your page easier to understand and by associating your content with the intent of a search.


For example, a Google search for the word “journey” could return results for the band Journey or the definition of the word “journey.” By using semantic markup you help tell Google specifically if your content simply uses the word in a sentence, is about the band, or is the definition. By making it easier for Google to understand, you help your ranking. In fact, Woorank reports that using semantic markup can increase your site traffic by 30% on average.


In addition, make an effort to build a knowledge graph to suggest other content. By linking to frequently related concepts on your website, you reinforce your semantic code and increases the time people spend on your site. These are important determinants of your page’s credibility and increases rankings in Google.


In short, the shifting tides of SEO require proactive steps for brands. As AI machine learning focuses more on the intent of a search, tools like semantic markups and knowledge graphs can help increase your rank. Providing more meaning and context to search engines helps brands increase their search rankings and get in front of their target consumer.


Keeping your brand ahead of changing technologies can be a tough task. Our duty as marketers is to provide our clients with every resource available. Let our expertise keep your business at the forefront of trends. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, and DM away.

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