A Super Bowl Sunday Unlike Any Other

A Super Bowl Sunday Unlike Any Other

February, 10 2021

If you are anything like the 148.5 million people around the world, you spent your Sunday night watching Super Bowl LV. Whether you are a football fan or not, it seemed like this year’s Super Bowl elicited more buzz than previous years. As a result of the pandemic, people are hunkered down at home, creating the perfect recipe for a highly-viewed event. This year, there was also a general sense of curiosity as to how the game could be played while adhering to COVID-19 protocols. Would the audience be socially distant? What was in store for the halftime show? And most importantly for us marketing folks, what were the ads going to look like?

Leading up to the game, the buzz was that major advertisers synonymous with prior Super Bowls, such as Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi, and Hyundai, were not going to feature ads this year. Instead, the companies would put those marketing dollars towards COVID relief efforts. The cost to place a 30-second ad in the Super Bowl is $5.6 million. With that high price tag and the majority of businesses taking a financial hit this year due to the pandemic, it’s likely that other businesses shifted their plans and sat this one out as well.

Although there were still companies that secured their Super Bowl spotlight, looking holistically at the commercials, the often care-free and lightheartedness shifted to a focus on building a sense of community. There were still the much-welcomed displays of humor but overall, the sentiment felt different.

In the world of marketing, professionals listen to the pulse of their audience and produce content that will effectively resonate with them. Advertisers this year provided us with content that was full of emotion, glimpses of positivity, and a sense of humor. What Super Bowl commercial resonated with you, and why?

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