5 Trends Digital Agencies Should Keep An Eye On In 2022 

5 Trends Digital Agencies Should Keep An Eye On In 2022 

December, 16 2021

As we adapt to life post-pandemic, trends are there by our side adapting with us. Whether it was TikTok giving us a laugh in dark times or your Instagram page persuading you to buy that dress, let’s face it, life 10 years ago has definitely evolved. And it’s only the beginning. In 2022, we expect digital trends to be bigger and better than ever. We breakdown the top five trends you can expect to see in the new year.

1. Social Commerce

Have you ever been influenced to buy something you see on social media with an easy “link in bio” or “swipe up” option to complete your purchase? Well, in 2022 you’re about to see an uptick in social commerce. Social media is a mainstream form of shopping and that will continue to grow in 2022. “Brands are estimated to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022,” according to a report by Business Insider. The report goes on to say, “As social media becomes more entrenched in people’s lives and takes on more functional uses beyond communication, like shopping, the role of influencers is set to only grow. And as e-commerce and social media converge, influencers will become increasingly vital intermediaries, helping to connect brands with consumers on social media in highly resonant, authentic ways that can deliver immediate returns.”  

  1. Facebook Algorithm Changes

As Facebook continues its overhaul of trying to repair its public image, the change will also include a makeover of its algorithm. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2017 Facebook began to base their algorithm off of ‘Meaningful Social Interactions” or MSI. The ‘MSI’ is measured by the interaction such as comments, re-shares and emojis, made by people you are close to. “If MSI is high, that means you’re not just a zombie passively scrolling and watching videos. You’re interacting, you’re engaged,” said ‘The Journal,’ podcast host Ryan Knuston. But this type of algorithm, according to Facebook’s Civic Team,  turned out to be fueling misinformation and toxic content.” After an extensive review, the Civic Team along with the Integrity Team proposed solutions. Fast forward to 2021, Facebook is taking on a different direction. In a report by Axios, Facebook said they will “expand some of the News Feed tests that put less emphasis on certain engagement signals, like the probability that a user will share or comment on a post. Instead it will begin placing a higher emphasis on other types of user feedback like responses to surveys.”

  1. Digital Audio Advertising and Audio Content 

According to a data report by InterDigital, video streaming will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022. This could allow a gateway for audio content in the upcoming year. Most people, according to experts, gather information through podcasts, streaming music or audiobooks. “50% of millennials and Gen Z listen to digital content while cooking, cleaning and other similar activities,” suggests a Hearst report. The article also suggests advertisers are following the trend, especially for direct-to-consumer brands that are popular on podcasts. According to Adam Pattison, UK Country Manager for Targetspot, “we don’t need to wait for the next big thing.” He says, “the future of audio is now – and it could well be visual.”

  1. Nostalgia 

It’s not just a TikTok influencer sporting those acid wash jeans you probably wore in 1994 or a song you were rocking to in 2004 on your iPod, nostalgia is a major trend we will probably see in 2022. According to an article by Advertising Week, “nostalgia can make humans more optimistic and have a positive influence on their actions. The report goes on to say that, “nostalgia was a highly common emotion. Results show that 8 in 10 say that they experience feelings of nostalgia at least occasionally and 4 in 10 say they do so often.” Research suggests that music was the biggest nostalgia trigger. Experts say when it comes to marketing, reintroducing images and themes from brands can help consumers think of the ‘good old days.”

  1. Typography

Get ready to see exaggerated letters with sharp angles, color and vibrancy in 2022. That’s according to Chris Algar, a senior designer at Design Bridge London, who believes 2022 will be the year for type due to streaming services.”Title sequences viewed across streaming platforms during lockdown will have most certainly inspired designers, from people binge-watching Killing Eve to more recently Squid Game. Both take very different approaches to typography but are linked through their captivating movement and amplified personalities,” he told the Creative Boom. 


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