5 Essential Tips for a Landing Page that Converts

5 Essential Tips for a Landing Page that Converts

July, 19 2018

As a digital advertising and public relations agency, we understand the crucial role landing pages play in the success of a campaign. It’s the first thing your consumer sees after showing interest in your product or service – a decisive moment in the consumer journey to conversion.

Given its importance, here are the 5 essential tips you need to create a landing page that converts.

Attention-grabbing design

The design of a landing page is the foundation to its success. Make sure to prioritize your messaging into a hierarchy of information. Main points should be in the heading and subheading with supporting messaging below.

Use your design to help provide focus on the most important elements. Negative space, contrast and strategically placed images all help to draw the viewers’ eyes to a specific point on the page – right to the most important piece of information.

Personalized CTA

Your call-to-action (CTA) is a key element of your landing page. As previously mentioned, the design of the button can increase the likelihood of a conversion, but personalizing your CTA can amplify your success. As Hubspot reported, personalized CTA’s perform 202% better than basic CTA’s.

Develop a few variants of the same landing page and use a smart CTA that reflects different target segments of your campaign. For example, this could be based on location, type of product/service, new vs. returning consumer and more.

User-Friendly Forms

A form can be one of the major pain points for a prospect you’re looking to convert into a lead. Now more than ever, most consumers are unwilling to give too much information to a faceless company. That’s why it’s important to only use the information that is absolutely necessary for your campaign

Also, debate the use of single-step or multi-step forms. For simplicity, single-step forms are key, but multi-step forms make longer forms more digestible for the consumer.

Persuasive Copy

It goes without saying that the copy for your landing page needs to be persuasive. But, make sure to think deeply about how your messaging motivates your consumer to complete an action.

Here, psychological and behavioral principles help provide direction and structure to your messaging. For example, fear-based appeals can help you focus on the benefit of your product or service that you’re providing to the consumer. Fogg’s Behavior Model, Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion and Parallel Processing Models are other helpful tools for designing messaging.

Consistency is Key

Another pain point for consumers is getting to a landing page that looks nothing like the original ad they clicked. When users land on a page that looks nothing like what they expected, your bounce rate will increase and conversions will drop.

Focus on maintaining similar design and messaging on your landing page as your ad. This gives your page more credibility and helps ensure the consumer that they’re in the right place, making the transition to conversion smoother.

Allowing your brand’s voice to be heard can be a tough task. Our duty as marketers is to provide our clients with every resource available, including valuable insights for every aspect of their campaign. With our expertise in the digital realm, we’ll keep your business growing. Contact or stay social with us! We’re just one call, like, follow, retweet, favorite and DM away.

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