5 Reasons to Work with a Digital and Public Relations Agency

5 Reasons to Work with a Digital and Public Relations Agency

June, 18 2018

With step-by-step social media marketing plans becoming easily available online, it can be tempting to carry out digital marketing or public relations projects yourself, rather than working with an agency. After all, how hard could it be to take a photo and post it on Instagram, right?

What you don’t see behind the post, is the research that went into carefully selecting keywords, testing times for the most interactions and multiple edits to a graphic or copy. Here are 5 reasons why we believe agencies are the best choice to carry out your marketing needs:

Multiple Teams

Agencies are made up of smaller teams which focus on one element of a modern marketing strategy. Graphic design, digital, public relations, marketing and web development are a couple of the teams housed in an agency. As opposed to doing everything yourself, a digital agency will have multiple teams working together on your content, catching errors and giving feedback. Not only is each team equipped with expertise in their specialized area, but they also have the technical knowledge needed to make your campaign function correctly.


Simply put — this is what we do. Seasoned team members within an agency bring years of experience to the table when creating client campaigns and reaching specific audiences.  Sure, it may seem easy to boost a Facebook post, but we have experience running full-blown ad campaigns to custom audiences. We know the ins and outs of these tools and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends and updates. Our experience isn’t all we rely on. Marketing executives will bring new, innovating ideas and technologies to your project to make your business more successful.  


Marketing agencies will have access to resources which would otherwise be expensive to you. Graphic designers are armed with the top creative services programs in the market and will use those to create your media and print materials. Digital teams and web developing teams will easily use SEO/ keyword research programs or website building tools. Agencies also have established connections with media contacts and influencers for getting your content published. Financial resources, such as discounts, are also available to companies who often buy media for their clients.

With these added resources, your agency has access to sophisticated analytics that can be used to optimize your campaign. Don’t worry if you don’t speak ‘data’ — your agency will explain what all of the numbers and charts mean.

Time and Money

The combined cost of design programs, web tools and research programs will leave a well-sized dent in your wallet. When you hire an agency to assist you, you will save on unconsidered costs. Additionally, most digital marketing and PR agencies will work with your budget to make sure you are getting the most out of your money. Working with professionals will also save you the time of trying to learn everything on your own.

In the end, working with a digital and public relations agency is like receiving a package deal. You have the ability to utilize every resource within the agency and save money while doing it. With an agency, you’ll be confident that your Instagram post will be more likely to generate real results.


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